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Stress and Mindfulness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has sophisticated herbal remedies and treatment protocols for the neurological reponse to our environment that we call stress. TCM looks to the physical and energetic health of the Liver to soothe the results of stress, alleviating symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue with both acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Acupuncture has been proven to reach to the root causes of stress, down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system that has become amped-up in response to the "fight or flight" pace of modern life. At the same time, much like yoga, acupuncture up-regulates the parasympathetic nervous sysem, our "rest and digest" circuitry, allowing us to doubly unwind. Acupuncture has also been proven to reduce levels of cortisol, enhance levels of dopamine, and elevate seratonin. The effects can be profoundly calming.


Herbal medicine can also be a powerful buffer against the effects of stress. We use formulas designed to calm you down, move and nourish your energy, and help you sleep. Alongside acupuncture and mindfulness practices, herbs can help you re-frame your reponse to situational stressors.


We love to combine acupuncture with yoga, cultivating an balanced body and buoyant mind by drawing from some of the oldest and most compassionate systems of medicine. Our private yoga & acupuncture sessions include customized flow, breathwork, meditation and acupuncture and is available upon request at CircuSoul Yoga, Sarasota.


Want to lighten up? Try a deeply grounding Japanese Acupuncture treatment or a decadent facial acupuncture treatment with cleansing and massage with products from Zi Zai Dermatology and Pratima Skincare.


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